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Doreen speaks on topics ranging from "Life in the Camel Lane" illustrating the best values of life in Saudi Arabia, to "Living a Resilient Life," to "Rock Your Re-entry," helping expats build a new life at home.


With over 65 years of expat experience between them, and 6 returns to the US, Doreen and John have lived the challenges and rewards of expat life and repatriation.  Doreen is a certified Life Master Consultant, and John has over ten years of corporate coaching experience.

Rock Your Re-entry Blog

The Rock Your Re-entry Blog focuses on how to create more fun and adventure in your life and other topics of interest to expats in transition.   This particular blog is entitled "Please look under your car for penguins!" to increase the amount of surprise and delight in your life!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Peter James, Professional Photographer

"Working with Doreen was like finding someone who believed in me enough for me to believe in myself. That was invaluable.”

Karyl Huntly - Minister and Author

"Doreen and John bring a breadth and depth of global awareness, business savvy, spiritual richness, and...I’ll call it…lovableness to their coaching that inspires positive outcomes”.”

Michael Bloxton, Entrepreneur

"I think one thing that I was able to gain was a sense of depth in my life and the ability to know the difference between what my life is really about and the things that are in my life."