Meet John and Doreen

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Our Story

Doreen & John are global travelers contributing to the success of expats on the move overseas or returning home.  We support clients to thrive through global transitions and create new adventures where ever they land.

Before they met, Doreen, as Scottish native, worked in London and Cameroon for the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Dubai for J. Ray McDermott, and as a wellness coach in New Orleans.

John was born in the US, and spent three formative years in Japan, and three years in West Germany with the US military.

Ten years after marrying, they launched a 17 year trek to Japan and Saudi Arabia working for Saudi Aramco.  His last 12 years with the company were spent as a consultant coaching executives in project management.

Doreen has been coaching for the last 35 years as a wellness coach, home decor consultant, and, since 2011 as a Certified Life Mastery Consultant.

In 2015, they started Expat Hub to provide coaching services for expats world wide to serve the communities that they fell in love with.

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