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Have you recently returned from overseas? Are you feeling disconnected with your old friends, and missing your life overseas?  Are you overwhelmed by the details of your new life and the unexpected culture shock on returning?

To start with this is all very normal for returning expats to experience several of the symptoms listed above.

Our joy and passion at Expat Hub is to offer mentoring, accountability, peer support and systems to help you create your next big adventure.     The Big Shift factor however, happens through evocative questioning and support.

We emphasize the following:

*    Big Bold Visioning and Dreaming

*    Developing Plans and Mini Movements that deliver big results

*    Applied Focus and Persistence

*   Peer support with Master Mind Groups

*    Measuring Progress and Tweaking Implementation

*    Stoking the Fire of Desire

*    Nurturing Your Natural Creative Genius

*    Building Forward Momentum

*    Harnessing Your Will, Your Energy and Your Natural Talent

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Voyager Gold Program

The Voyager Gold Coaching Program provides one to one coaching and instructional programs for a six month period, including participation in the Voyager Basic Program, a 90 minute induction coaching session, twelve 30 minute one to one coaching sessions.  A two day, eight hour VIP session is optional.


Voyager Silver Program

The Voyager Silver Coaching program consists of 12 weekly teleseminars composing the 12 steps to build your next great expat adventure, whether your first foreign post, moving to a new place, on returning home. The program includes a 30 minute induction session and two 30 minute one on one coaching calls.


Customized Business Consulting

Customized consulting services for businesses seeking support for their expat employees in transition.  Options include on site or remote training and coaching, one to one coaching, and consulting services to build more effective expat retention programs.